Rick L. Waddell, Ph.D. (Maj Gen, USAR)

Director, CAPSTONE

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Rick Waddell, Ph.D., Director, CAPSTONE

Rick Waddell, Ph.D., Director, CAPSTONE (Photo by CAPSTONE)

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Rick Waddell assumed the role of Senior Director of the Capstone/Keystone/Pinnacle courses on 24 February 2014. Commissioned as an Engineer from West Point in 1982, he served twelve years on active duty. His held positions at the platoon, company, and battalion levels, taught International Relations at West Point, and served as a Director for European Security Affairs on the National Security Council.

In 1994, Rick left active duty to join the Army Reserve and begin a business career. He spent the next 17 years working on South American expansions for Wal-Mart, Enron, BG Group, and Anglo-American, living for twelve of those years in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His experience included building and operating major pipelines, utility systems, on-shore and off-shore petroleum exploration, and iron mines. His last private sector job was CEO of Anglo Ferrous Brazil. As a Reservist, Rick had eight deployments of varying lengths to Iraq and Afghanistan, culminating with his command of ISAF’s Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Shafafiyat in 2012. He is currently a Major General in the Army Reserve, and serves as the Deputy Commander for Mobilization and Reserve Affairs at SOUTHCOM.

After graduating from West Point, Rick attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and holds advanced degrees from Oxford, Webster, and Columbia. He is also a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College, the Air War College, and Capstone. His most recent publications include In War’s Shadow, Wars Then and Now, and The Army and Low Intensity Conflict.