Graduation Live Broadcast

NDU will broadcast its graduation via Livestream for those wishing to view the event from home. The link will be activated the morning of 8 June. The social media hashtags for the event are #NDUGRAD and #NDU2017.

Graduation Speakers

General Paul J. Selva (USAF)
General Paul J. Selva
Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Lieutenant General William C. Mayville, Jr.
Lieutenant General William C. Mayville, Jr.
Director of the Joint Staff

2017 NDU Graduation Uniform/Dress Code




International Officers Military Uniform with Blouse
Army Army Service Uniform
Navy Service Dress White Uniform
Air Force Service Dress Uniform
Marine Corps Blue/White Dress B Uniform
Coast Guard Service Dress White Uniform
Civilians Business Attire
Civilian Faculty Academic Robes (Encouraged)