Graduation 2018

Graduation Ceremony Weather Impact Decisions

The Graduation Ceremony will be held outdoors under a large tent on the South Parade Field.  The ceremony will be held outside rain or shine to accommodate the large number of guests.  If destructive weather is expected the University will publish the decision to move indoors for safety concerns according to the following schedule.

Initial Weather Decision: 1600, 5 June

Final Weather Decision: 0700, 7 June

All information updates for students, staff, and faculty will be disseminated this NDU public web site, via Blackboard Connect-ed, Broadcast email, and SharePoint (faculty/staff only).

What Happens in Case of Inclement Weather?

In case of inclement weather, the graduation ceremony will be held in Lincoln Hall Auditorium, and guests will view the streamed ceremony from alternate locations, as follows:  

  • Graduates, Official Party, Color Guard ONLY: Report to Lincoln Hall Auditorium; no change to sequence of events
  • CIC Guests: Report to Marshall Hall, Room 155
  • CISA Guests:  Report to Marshall Hall, Room 155
  • Eisenhower School Guests:  Report to Baruch Auditorium in Eisenhower Hall; Overflow to Seminar Rooms
  • NWC Guests:  Report to Arnold Auditorium in Roosevelt Hall; Overflow to Seminar Rooms

Receptions:  No changes to component receptions.