Graduation 2018



Personnel (Location)

0915-0945 Pre-Ceremony Coffee (1) Platform Party and Special Guests
(RH Powell Wing)
0915-0945 Pre-Ceremony Coffee (2) National War College Faculty and Staff
(RH Rotunda)
0930 Band Music Commences
0940 VCJCS Arrives NDU-P, National War College Commandant
(RH Tunnel)
0948 Faculty Processional Deans of Faculty, Led by CISA and NWC
(RH Rotunda)
0950 Distinguished Guests Escorted to Reserved Seats Escorts (RH Rotunda)
1000 Band Sounds Attention as Platform Party Arrives Master of Ceremonies
1001 Platform Party Proceeds to Stage Master of Ceremonies
1002 Parade of Colors Master of Ceremonies
1005 Retirement of the Colors Master of Ceremonies
1006 Invocation Chaplain
1007 Welcome Remarks NDU-P
1015  Graduation Address VCJCS
1030 Presentation of Degrees to CISA Students CISA Chancellor, NDU-P
1100 Presentation of Degrees to NWC Students NWC Commandant, NDU-P
1115 Presentation of Degrees to CIC Students CIC Chancellor, NDU-P
1145 Presentation of Degrees to ES Students ES Commandant, NDU-P
1158 Benediction Chaplain
1200 Conclusion Master of Ceremonies