Joint Education Transformation (JET)

This past year, NDU sought institutional improvement to achieve the Chairman’s vision for Joint Force 2020. He also provided direction to update our curriculum to incorporate desired leader attributes and the lessons to be learned from a decade of war. From his guidance, we transformed our curriculum in a manner that will strengthen the University and its graduates thereby contributing to our colleagues within the Department of Defense, the interagency, and our partners around the world.

NDU Provost, Dr. John Yaeger, in close concert with the NDU faculty, developed a revision in how we deliver Joint Professional Military Education to students across the University. This strategy will allow us to deliver a better product with limited resources. Our intent is to integrate NDU's various talents and leverage individual strengths to more effectively focus our resources--consistent with lessons learned through the Middle States accreditation review, Joint Staff Management Review, Command Cyber Readiness Inspection, Joint Staff Action Package, NDU Task Force 2020 effort, and NDU Mission Analysis. In short, NDU must develop even better leaders for a more complex future (Ends) with fewer resources (Means) by creatively adapting how we deliver our curriculum (Ways).

This plan includes three phases: an NDU Strategic Leader Foundational Course, college core courses, and personalized leader development, including electives, individual strategic research project (ISRP) and a capstone exercise.

The curriculum is in place for Academic Year 2014-2015. We need a whole of NDU, Department of Defense, and interagency effort to accomplish this critical mission. We are excited to share this opportunity with you, but we also need your help. For the good of NDU and advancement of our Mission, we ask for your feedback and honest assessment of this curriculum as we move forward to educate, develop and inspire even better leaders for our Nation and the world.