Information about COVID-19

Important COVID Information for Faculty, Staff and Students

Effective 4 March 2022, mask-wearing indoors at NDU facilities at Fort McNair and NSA Hampton Roads is OPTIONAL, unless you have been exposed to—or are recovering from—COVID. Individuals may still choose to wear a mask. If you have been exposed to or are recovering from COVID, our Health & Fitness team can advise you on mask-wearing requirements. Due to high community spread, face masks at Fort Bragg for CISA-JSOMA are still REQUIRED by all personnel indoors regardless of vaccination status. This guidance applies to all military personnel, civilian employees, on-site contractors, temporarily assigned personnel, and visitors on board any DoD installation or facility.

This decision is based on new CDC guidance for community levels.  Both Fort McNair and NSA Hampton Roads are currently rated LOW, while Fort Bragg community levels are rated HIGH. 

All other force health protection measures remain in place, to include: physical distancing of 3 feet (6 feet if unvaccinated), and room occupancy percentages (currently 65% with our HPCON B waiver).  We will continue to review our University health status at the weekly NDU COVID update. 

NDU is dedicated to providing traditional classroom instruction to the maximum extent feasible. Accommodations for academic instruction are constantly changing as Federal and local guidelines are updated, and it will affect the delivery of the curriculum accordingly. Please check this website often.

If you have been physically present on the NDU campus and have subsequently begun experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19, or been notified that you have come into contact with someone confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19, please immediately:

  1. Complete form DD3112, "Personnel Accountability and Assessment Notification for a Public Health Emergency";
  2. Send the form via encrypted email to NDU’s Health and Fitness Directorate at; and,
  3. Call NDU's Health and Fitness Directorate at (202) 685-2791, and alert them them that you have sent the form via encrypted email.

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Please monitor the following websites for up-to-date COVID information, guidance and protocols.‚Äč

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Please monitor the following websites for up-to-date COVID information, guidance and protocols.