Workshop Themes and Topics

1. The National Security Enterprise
2. National Security Authorities
3. NSC and Interagency Policy Formulation
4. Strategy Development: NSS, NDS, and NMS
5. Civil-Military Relations

8. DoD Relations with Congress
9. DoD Relations with the Public and Media
10. OSD Interactions with Joint Staff1

1In the first iteration of this workshop, Topic 10 will be offered to DOD attendees and focus on OSD-JS interacion. In subsequent iterations, this topic will focus on DoD interactions with the National Security Council.

6. Force Planning and Employment
7. Linking Resources to Strategy

Course Logistics Information


To provide course logistics information for prospective NSDM students.


1. Submit clearance information to NDU via JPAS (TBD)
2. Check NSDM Workshop website one (1) week prior to the course for course material pre-requisites.

Course Check-in

The following will be performed during check-in:
1. Students will check-in at room XXX, Roosevelt Hall (National War College)
2. Student security clearances verification
3. Administrative fee collection
4. Course materials will be located in the Hill Conference Room

Course Venue

1. The Hill Conference room at National War College will support the NSDM course. The Hill room is located on the third floor of Roosevelt Hall.
2. The Powell Wing will be used for the course social and dinner. The Powell Wing is located on the first floor on the west side of the building.


NDU will reserve parking in front of the National War College for students and staff attending the course. See "Map and Directions"


Catering for the course will include two continental breakfasts, two buffet lunches and one plated evening dinner social with a cocktail hour beforehand. Attendees will be charged administrative fees during check-in via personal check. The total administrative cost for these meals is estimated to be approximately $225 per person.

Course Social

A dinner provides a team building opportunity and engagement with senior leaders or mentors not captured during the day.

The social will begin in the Powell Wing of National War College where beer/wine and light hors d’oeuvres will be served. The speaker and students will be located in a library atmosphere with sofa and high back chairs arranged to facilitate an engaging “Fireside Chat” discussion.

Following the Fireside Chat (approx. 30 min) the group will transition down the Powell Wing (same room) for a seated formal three course dinner. The speaker will continue the remarks seated at one of the tables or from a central podium as desired. The dinner will be situated in front of a large westward facing window overlooking the Washington Channel and Potomac River.

The cost of the dinner will be reimbursed through attendee administrative fees (see "Course Check-in" and "Catering" above). Total cost for a seated dinner is estimated at $125 per person for fine dining and $17 per person for cocktails and appetizers.