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The Health and Fitness (HF) Directorate supports the National Defense University strategic goals by enhancing  executive health performance through a broad spectrum of health, wellness, prevention and fitness interventions that promote healthy lifestyle habits and reduce overall health risks.

Our intent is to help the Strategic Leader use the full range of their capacities to thrive in the most difficult circumstances and to emerge from stressful periods stronger, healthier and eager for the next challenge.  In a strategic leadership environment that is changing at warp speed, performing consistently at a high level is more difficult and more necessary than ever.  High performance depends as much as how people renew and recover energy as on how they expend it, on how they manage their lives as much as on how they manage their work. When people feel strong and resilient – Body, Mind, and Spirit – they perform better, more passion, for longer. They win, their families win, and their organization wins



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Health and Fitness News

PRISM Vol. 9, No. 1 (October 2020)


PRISM Vol. 9, No. 1
PRISM Vol. 9, No. 1
PRISM Vol. 9, No. 1
Photo By: NDU Press
VIRIN: 210819-D-BD104-033

Though Great Power Competition (or GPC) dominates the current national security discourse, the United States is a global power with global interests. In addition to GPC, PRISM V.9,N.1 offers insight on the future of NATO, on U.S. engagement in Africa, and on emerging technology domains of competition such as quantum computing, 5G technology, and influence operations. Read American and South East Asian perspectives on competition with China, as well as Huawei’s rejoinder to "The Worst Possible Day: U.S. Telecommunications and Huawei," from PRISM V.8,N.3.

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PRISM, NDU’s journal of complex operations, promotes informed discourse among national and international security professionals concerning our complex global security environment and whole-of-community efforts to meet longstanding and emerging challenges.