Common Access Card (CAC) Issuing/Reissuing to U.S. Civilian Students

Common Access Card (CAC) processing is available to U.S. civilian students PRIOR to in-processing day, and once their security clearances (if any) have been passed to NDU. The NDU Security Office highly recommends that students complete the CAC issuing/reissuing process AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ensure base access and a smooth in-processing. DoD civilian students and non-DoD civilian federal agency students who need a CAC reissued/issued—and who are also passing a security clearance to NDU—should confirm that their clearance information has been received by the NDU Security Office before making a RAPIDS appointment. 

RAPIDS Appointments

Your RAPIDS appointment will be in the NDU Security Office in Marshall Hall, Building 62, Room 199A. You must check in at the Marshall Hall Guard Desk prior to proceeding to the NDU Security Office. See "Maps and Directions." Two forms of valid government identification are required. The CAC issuing process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending upon the reliability of the RAPIDS Station. We recommend that you call the NDU Security Office on the day of your appointment to verify the serviceability of the RAPIDS Station. Be sure to take possession of your new CAC before leaving your appointment.  

In order for a CAC application to be processed, students must have their security clearances passed to NDU to ensure they meet HSPD 12 requirements. TAs will not process applications until they have received verification from the NDU Security Office that the applicant has met all security clearance requirements.

Follow these steps to obtain a CAC:

  1. Look at the chart below and find your college's TA.  
  2. Submit CAC application to your college's TA.
  3. Securely transmit the PII (SSN, DOB) required for the CAC application.
  4. The TA will provide your student information to NDU Security Office.
  5. The Security Office will notify the TA when your security clearance has been successfully passed to NDU.
  6. Contact your TA to verify you are clear to make a RAPIDS appointment.
  7. Contact NDU Security Officer to make RAPIDS appointment.
  8. Go to RAPIDS appointment at NDU Security Office in Marshall Hall, Building 62, Room 199A.

College TA/POC Information






  Dave Pearson

  (202) 685-4344


  Donna Powers

  (202) 685-2070


  Cynthia King

 (202) 685-4278


  Nadine Plater-Jones

  (202) 685-2290

  General Questions

  Ed Roman

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