AY 21-22 Spring Electives Open House/Fair Information


When: Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 1145 – 1300

Location: MS Teams (Virtual Event)

Event Goal: Allow elective course owners/professors to highlight their courses to incoming students, while affording students an opportunity to get a better understanding of the courses that are of interest.

Event Process: The Electives Open House will occur virtually. Courses are maintained in MS Teams and students may visit the course(s) that pique their interest. Professors will be on hand via MS Teams to discuss/highlight their courses and answer student questions. Students will access the Fall Electives Open House MS Teams site at the specified time and visit as many classes, in any order, for as long as they want during the scheduled event. Once students are uploaded to the Open House Team, they may start perusing the rooms at their leisure.

Required Student Actions:

  • NLT Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 1145 hours, be present at the Spring Electives Open House site on MS Teams to talk with professors and gain an understanding of the courses that are of interest.
  • Use this knowledge to identify and prioritize your elective preferences via the Electives Preference Survey immediately following the Electives Open House. Students will receive the Survey link via email.

Additional Support Information: The Electives Catalog and additional support documents are located under the “Files” tab on the Electives Open House Team’s main page. Individual course documents will not be uploaded here, they are uploaded to the individual course(s). 

Point of Contact: Mr. Larry Johnson

Link to AY 2021-22 Spring Electives Catalog