Workshop Themes and Topics

1. The National Security Enterprise
2. National Security Authorities
3. NSC and Interagency Policy Formulation
4. Strategy Development: NSS, NDS, and NMS
5. Civil-Military Relations

6. Force Planning and Employment
7. Linking Resources to Strategy

8. DoD Relations with Congress
9. DoD Relations with the Public and Media
10. OSD Interactions with Joint Staff1

1In the first iteration of this workshop, Topic 10 will be offered to DOD attendees and focus on OSD-JS interacion. In subsequent iterations, this topic will focus on DoD interactions with the National Security Council.

NSDM Workshop Summary Description

This workshop intends to provide a shared frame of reference for new senior civilian and military leaders to discuss the institutions, processes, and cultures that influence, shape, or constrain national security decision making. The workshop is intended as an executive orientation to help incoming appointees, with or without previous government experience, and select GO/FO counterparts to quickly (re)familiarize themselves with the current national security enterprise. Core themes will include policy and strategy development, implementation and resourcing, and building or strengthening relationships. Through a combination of presentations, analysis of relevant historical case studies, and peer-to-peer discussions, the workshop provides a firm national security foundation, facilitates subsequent on-the-job learning and accelerates preparedness to immediately engage on key national security issues.