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AY16-17 FSL Stephen Bloor, Esq. (ES)
AY16-17 FSL Stephen Bloor, Esq. (ES) -- “One cannot help but have a broader understanding of American values and culture from seeing the same through so many different perspectives. I believe my American Studies experience will provide me a broader understanding and multiple perspectives of the U.S. that will translate into my being a better ES Professor, especially in the areas of American values, the Constitution and formation of our Country, and how we use diplomatic and informational strategic powers. I believe this opportunity is unique – it would take more than a lifetime of travel abroad to meet and develop trusting relationships with so many diverse international people. Not only is participation in the American Studies program enhancing as a teacher, it is downright fun. I believe it has been a broadening experience for me that will make me a better ES professor and a better person.”