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AY16-17 Faculty Seminar Leader COL Susan Bryant (INSS)
AY16-17 FSL COL Susan Bryant (INSS) -- “I have told my fellow researchers at INSS that facilitating discussion in the ISMO program has been the most fun and rewarding thing I have done this year. As a faculty member facilitating discussion, you have to be prepared to lead when confronted with silence. It NEVER happened. The international fellows are engaged and interested and a pleasure to work with. I definitely feel as though I have ‘gotten’ more than I have ‘given’ in this exchange. The American Studies course itself is a fascinating dive into U.S. culture and politics and forces reflection from all involved on what it means to be an ‘American.’ The intercultural and interpersonal exchange of ideas with the students has been fascinating and, at times, challenging. These are hallmarks of a great educational program.”