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AY16-17 Faculty Seminar Leader Dan Curfiss, Col Ret. (NESA)
AY16-17 FSL Dan Curfiss, Col Ret. (NESA) -- “The American Studies Seminar reached out last fall to expand its faculty strength to support a directive by the President of NDU to expand the academic vitality of the program by giving the IFs opportunities to meet with and exchange intellectually with additional faculty members from throughout the university. As a history major and a professor at the NESA Center this seemed an ideal fit because the NESA mission is to reach out to our region in an academic setting to develop stronger relationships with MOD, MOFA, MOI, and scholars at or near the same level of expertise as the IFs. This turned out to be true in practice, as with learning and developing thoughts and discussing these experiences practically and intellectually about how the US operates in decision- and policy-making and execution, as well as exploring Americana and learning how and why America is America, helped broaden my discourse with our NESA participants.”