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Press Release | March 18, 2013

National Defense University-Wide Annual Women, Peace and Security Writing Award


(Washington, D.C.) As part of the National Defense University (NDU)-2020 initiative and the university’s commitment to implement the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) National Action Plan, NDU invites students to participate in the annual Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Writing Award competition. Students can submit research papers, their thesis or a written assignment from any of their courses for award consideration.

Student writing for the award needs to be focused on one or more of the following areas:

• Women and Conflict Resolution
• Protections for Women During and After Conflict
• Women’s Roles in Conflict Prevention
• Women’s Access to the Means for and Integration into Relief and Recovery
• National and International Stakeholders’ Respective Roles in Setting and Advancing the WPS Agenda
• National Defense Colleges and the Study of Women, Peace and Security

Papers can be submitted to the WPS Selection Committee anytime during the year, but must be submitted no later than March 31st of each academic year for consideration. Submissions will be read and judged by the WPS Selection Committee members. The winner will be notified in May of the academic year by a member of the WPS Selection Committee. The winner will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, presented by the NDU President during the NDU graduation ceremony conducted in June of the academic year. For more information about the WPS Annual Writing Award, visit NDU website or contact a member of the Writing Award Committee: Ambassador Steven McGann, Vice Chancellor, College of International Security Affairs (, Dr. Vivian S. Walker, Associate Professor of National Security Studies, National War College ( or Dr. Andrew Leith, Professor, Eisenhower School of National Security & Resource Strategy (

When President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13595, December 19, 2011, he made a gender-responsive approach a national security priority. His mandate called for federal agencies’ development and implementation of a National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, the core of which would be a gender-responsive approach to all diplomatic, development and defense-related work in conflict-affected environments. The Order reflects the continual growth of political consideration for gender issues, particularly within warring circumstances that began in the United Nations system over five decades ago. Under its charter, Security Council resolutions have the force of international and domestic law. As such, we are obligated to implement a National Action Plan that will transcend successive administrations.

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Paulette Robinson, PhD
Public Affairs Officer
National Defense University