About Lincoln Talks

NDU Lincoln Talks are characterized by their length (11 minutes), content (topics of interest to national security leaders, thinkers and practitioners), and focus (challenging conventional approaches and generating innovative solutions to national security dilemmas and threats). Lincoln Talks include a diverse and eclectic mix of topics and challenges traversing the breadth and depth of national, homeland, and global security affairs. They focus simply and elegantly on the speaker and the message, employing compelling, convincing, and highly-reasoned logic, and are supported by expertly chosen resources for continued learning.

About Our Speakers

NDU Lincoln Talks speakers are a rare group of people drawn from a wide diversity of rank, grade, service, and experience backgrounds. They have experienced events and actions that have shaped their appreciation of national, homeland and/or global security dilemmas. They have asked and sought answers to the hard questions raised by these experiences: what worked; what didn't; why; and what needs to be done differently in the future. They have crystallized their thinking into powerful insights and ideas for innovations that will be valued by current and future national security leaders.