IA Compliance for JFSC JPME and PE Students (Non-Masters)

NDU ITD Service Desk: 202-685-3824

It is important that you read this page thoroughly and comply with all instructions; no deviations or substitutions are permitted.

Access to NDU information systems is predicated on user compliance with DoD/NDU cybersecurity regulations. No student will receive access to any NDU system until the student has accurately, fully and verifiably completed all mandatory DoD/NDU IA requirements. 

ALL JFSC JPME and PE students (Non-Masters) are required to: 

  • Submit (via email) an NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875 ("2875") completed and signed by the student AND by the student's home unit/agency Security Office, dated no later than ONE WEEK prior to your course start date;
  • Register in Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) and affiliate their JKO profile with their NDU college as their Secondary Organization. Students must remain associated with their NDU college for the entire duration of their enrollment; 
  • Complete the most recent version of the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge course (currently DOD-US1364-19in JKO no later ONE WEEK prior to your course start date. *NOTE: The DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge certificate ("Cyber Cert") must be renewed every 365 days and cannot lapse during your enrollment; an expired Cyber Cert status in JKO results in an immediate loss of access to NDU information systems.


STEP 1: Register for a JKO account. If you are already registered in JKO, skip to STEP 2.

  1. I am a Military Service Member or DoD Civilian with a CAC and a .mil email address
  2. I do not have a DoD CAC. *NOTE: Token sponsorship required. Please register using your personal email address, as email from the JKO domain does not make it through most non-DoD agency/organization firewalls. When prompted for the name of a token sponsor, enter Jennifer Russell, NDU KMO, TokenSponsor@ndu.edu, 202-685-3789.

STEP 2: Designate NDU > "STUDENT-JFSC" as the Secondary Organization in your JKO Profile. This is mandatory, and enables NDU to verify your completed training.

  1. While registering or updating your existing JKO profile, scroll to "Organizations," and click "Select Secondary Organization."
  2. In the "Find an Organization" window click the black triangles next to "JKO," then "JS," then "NDU" to expand your choice options.
  3. Under "NDU," scroll to "STUDENT-JFSC."
  4. Click the "Select Organization" button at the bottom of the window, and click "Save" at the bottom of your JKO profile.    


STEP 3: Complete the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Course (v2019)

  1. Via JKO at https://jkodirect.jten.mil/html/COI.xhtml?course_prefix=DOD&course_number=-US1364-19

STEP 4: Download and save the course completion certificate ("Cyber Cert") for your records

  1. When directed to print your course completion certificate, select "Print to PDF."
  2. Browse to a saving location on your computer and save.
  3. Bring your printed certificate with you to NDU as back-up verification.





JTC/JCWS 19-1: 07 Jan - 22 Mar
JTC/JCWS 19-2: 25 Mar - 07 Jun
JTC/JCWS 19-3: 17 Jun - 30 Aug
JTC/JCWS 19-4: 09 Sep - 22 Nov

JCWS 19-1 HYBRID: 10 Dec - 27 Sep
JCWS 19-2 HYBRID: 22 Jan - 25 Oct 
JCWS 19-3 HYBRID: 11 Feb - 15 Nov


JC4ICSOC 19-1: 28 Jan - 15 Feb
JC4ICSOC 19-2: 11 Mar - 29 Mar
JC4ICSOC 19-3: 29 Apr - 17 May
JC4ICSOC 19-4: 08 Jul - 26 Jul   
JC4ICSOC 19-5: 09 Sep - 27 Sep
JC4ICSOC 19-6: 21 Oct - 08 Nov 

JIOOC/JIOPC 19-1: 07 Jan - 01 Feb / 11 Feb - 08 Mar
JIOOC/JIOPC 19-2: 25 Mar - 19 Apr / 29 Apr - 24 May
JIOOC/JIOPC 19-3: 01 Jul - 26 Jul / 05 Aug - 30 Aug  
JIOOC/JIOPC 19-4: 09 Sep - 04 Oct / 15 Oct - 08 Nov

JMTC 19-1: 18 Mar - 29 Mar
JMTC 19-2: 16 Sep - 27 Sep
 MANDATORY File Naming Convention: 
MANDATORY File Naming Convention: 
MANDATORY File Naming Convention: 
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STEP 1: Open, complete and sign the NDU System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Form 2875 for your college/program using the table above.

  1. Enter required data in boxes 1, 2, 6, 11, 14, 15, 17, and 18. *NOTE: Please provide a personal email address to which you will have continuous access (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo).
  2. Check box 23a.
  3. Enter today's date in box 23c. *NOTE: Must be done BEFORE signing
  4. Digitally sign box 23b. *NOTE: Digital signature requires CAC or PIV; if hand-signed, scan the signed 2875.
  5. Save the signed 2875 as a PDF to your computing device, and/or print it.

STEP 2: Have your organization's Security Office complete Part III of the Form 2875

  1. Forward your signed 2875 to your organization's Security Office OR print out your signed 2875 and hand-carry it to your Security Office.
  2. Your Security Office must complete Boxes 36-40f , and a Security Officer must digitally or hand sign the form. All boxes are required. *NOTE: If hand-signed, scan the signed 2875, save it as a PDF, and proceed to Step 3.

STEP 3: Download and save your completed, signed 2875

  1. Browse to the final draft of your fully completed, signed PDF 2875 on your computing device.
  2. Save your PDF 2875 one last time using the naming convention demonstrated in the table above. *NOTE: The naming convention for your 2875 is critically important to its processing; please follow directions exactly.

STEP 4: Email your 2875 to NDU

  1. Open an email to ndu-stuacctreqforms@ndu.edu
  2. Attach your PDF 2875 to the email, ensuring it is correctly named, per Step 3b.
  3. Click send.
  4. Bring your printed 2875 with you to NDU as back-up verification.