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News | Sept. 10, 2014

Center for Complex Operations Releases PRISM Vol 5 No. 1

PRISM is a security studies journal chartered to inform members of U.S. Federal Agencies, Allies, and other partners on complex and integrated national security operations; reconstruction and nation building; relevant policy and strategy; lessons learned; and developments in training and education to transform America’s security and development apparatus to meet tomorrow’s challenges better while promoting freedom today.

Vol 5, No. 1 includes the following: 

"A Better Approach to War Powers," by Tim Kaine
"Governing for the Future: What Governments Can Do," by Peter Ho & Adrian W. J. Kuah
"To Build a Network," by John Arquilla
"Intervention in Intrastate War: The Military Planning Problem," by William Gregor
"Merging Competing Militaries After Civil Wars," by Roy Licklider
"The Organized Crime - Peace Operations Nexus," by Wibke Hansen
"Tackling Nuclear Terrorism in South Asia," by Feroz Khan & Emily Burke
"Hezbollah’s Syrian Quagmire," by Matthew Levitt
"The Terror Crime Nexus: Hezbollah’s Global Facilitators," by Celina Realuyo

"Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s Party of God," reviewed by Thomas F. Lynch III

"Establishing a Conceptual Framework for Interagency Coordination at U.S. Southern Command," by Joanna Gutierrez Winters

"An Interview with Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III"