Lt. Gen. Michael Plehn

Lt Gen Michael T. Plehn, USAF
17th President, NDU

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Welcome Class of 2025!

It's a pleasure to welcome you to the National Defense University's Class of 2025. During your time here, you will be interacting with colleagues from across the U.S. interagency as well as with our many International Fellows as we embrace a mixture of people, cultures, and ideas. Our world-­class faculty and staff are committed to providing you an inclusive learning environment that is intellectually challenging and academically rigorous -- this is a unique opportunity for you to study, reflect, and hone your abilities as a strategic thinker and leader across many disciplines. 

General academic calendar dates:

  • All AY25 JPME II Master's cohort programs at CIC, CISA, ES, and NWC (Fort McNair, D.C) will begin 5 August 2024 and end with graduation on 12 June 2025. Winter holiday break will be 21 December 2024 through 5 January 2025.
  • The AY25 CISA JSOMA program (Fort Liberty, N.C.) will begin 5 August 2024 and end with graduation on 6 June 2025. Winter holiday break will be 21 December 2024 through 5 January 2025. 
  • The AY25 JPME II JAWS program at JFSC (Norfolk, Va.) will begin 22 July 2024 and end with graduation on 13 June 2025. Winter holiday break will begin 23 December 24 through 5 January 25.

NDU is amid a major system change: the implementation of our new student information system, NDU Connect. We’re excited to offer an improved student experience, but also expect some bumps along the way. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the new system and processes together.

JCWS-H, JIPC Phase I, JIPC Phase II and JC4ICSOC Students Only

The following links/information apply only to those students attending JCWS-H, JIPC Phase I, JIPC Phase II, and JC4ICSOC programs at Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va.