Requirements for US Civilian Students in the JPME Masters Program at Fort McNair

All US civilian students attending a JPME Masters program at the Fort McNair campus are expected to complete the on-line and on-campus admissions requirements listed below as soon as possible.

Civilian students should consider attending one of the Civilian Voluntary Pre-Briefs offered by the University 31 Jul - 2 Aug 2023.

College Websites

In addition to the university-level requirements listed on this page, civilian students should review their college website for additional requirements and guidance to incoming students.

Contact Info for US Civilian Students at Fort McNair

DoD and non-DoD federal agency civilian and private industry students should contact the NDU Registrar if they have any questions or concerns.




  Kelly Hart, Registrar

  (202) 685-2128


Civilian Student Information Requirements

To facilitate in-processing, civilian students should review and complete as many of the following process documents as possible.

Documents 1, 2 and 4 should be printed and turned by hand during civilian pre-briefs (21 Jul - 2 Aug), or during student in-processing (7 Aug). Document 3 provides third-party links to a training website and a banking application website; please complete the tasks per the instructions. 


  1. Defense Travel System Personal Data Worksheet *For all students
  2. DoD Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Transfer Request *For students who have a DoD GTCC
  3. NDU GTCC Instructions *For students who do NOT have a DoD GTCC
  4. DoD GTCC Statement of Understanding *For all students

Cybersecurity Requirements for US Civilian Students


  1. Submit (via email) a valid annual Cyber Awareness course completion certificate ("CERT"). *NOTE: Cyber training must be renewed every 365 days and cannot lapse during your enrollment; expired Cyber training results in an immediate loss of access to NDU information systems. 
  2. Submit (via email) an NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875 ("2875") completed and signed by the student.
  3. Submit (via email) a signed NDU Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") form completed and signed by the student.

Please review the "Cybersecurity Compliance" page for details, forms and instructions. (See the dropdown menu under the "Incoming Students" tab in the top navigation bar.)

Academic IT Environment at Fort McNair

All McNair campus students should thoroughly read NDU's IT Requirements page. You will have the opportunity during Student Orientation Week to troubleshoot technical issues both face-to-face and online with NDU Help Desk personnel.

Passing DoD and Non-DoD Federal Agency US Civilian Clearances to NDU

All students must complete a Security Clearance Registration Course Application Form via the Joint Event Management System (JEMIS). All security clearance information must be submitted to the NDU Security Office at least 30 days prior to the first day of class. Security Specialist POCs are Montez Winters, (202) 685-2134, and Tamika James, (202) 685-7309.  

  • DoD Civilians: Security clearances will be verified through DISS by the NDU Security Office; This verification process begins with the student's enrollment into JEMIS prior to sending visit request/certification to NDU Security. Minimum required clearance is SECRET; SCI is not a requirement to attend. The Security Management Office (SMO) code to pass SECRET, TOP SECRET, and SCI clearances through DISS to NDU is DJJNDU3/JFSC is DJJNDU7. The name of the student's college (CIC, CISA, ES, NWC or course of instruction JCWS, JAWS) must be entered into the POC section of the visit request for the clearance to be identified properly by NDU Security Specialists. This verification process will begin 5 Jul 2023.
  • Non-DoD Civilians:  A Visit Request must be submitted to NDU's Security Office by the student's employing agency or organization on official letterhead via FAX to (202) 685-3765. TS and SCI Clearances must be submitted separately via FAX. Students who are attending NDU based upon a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) must have their employing agency or organization submit a NACI confirmation with date of investigation on official letterhead via FAX to (202) 685-3765; Students attending at JFSC send FAX to (757) 443-6046. This verification process will begin on 5 Jul 2023.
  • Private Industry Civilians: A security clearance is not required for any core curriculum course at any NDU college. Private industry students who hold a security clearance issued by the US Government must submit a Visit Request to NDU Ft McNair Security Office on their company's official letterhead via FAX to (202) 685-3765/JFSC Security Office FAX to (757) 443-6046.  TS and SCI Clearances must be submitted separately via FAX. Private industry students who do not hold a security clearance will not be allowed to enroll in classified courses and or electives.  

Common Access Card (CAC) Reissuing to DoD Civilian Students at Fort McNair via RAPIDS

CAC processing is available to DoD civilian students who need a CAC reissued to them. The NDU Security Office highly recommends that you complete the CAC reissuing process as soon as possible to ensure base access and a smooth in-processing. Obtain an appointment for CAC reissuing through the NDU Security office. For appointment scheduling, please reach out to Mr. Carl Wright (202-685-3780) or NDU Security.

Common Access Card (CAC) Issuing to Non-DoD Civilian Students at Fort McNair via RAPIDS

CAC processing is available to US non-DOD civilian students PRIOR to in-processing day once their security clearances/ background verification has been passed to NDU Security. The NDU Security Office highly recommends that students complete the CAC issuing process as soon as possible to ensure base access and a smooth in-processing. Non-DoD civilian federal agency students who need CAC issuance must verify that the NDU security office is in receipt of the security clearances from the home agency. For receipt of clearance verification please reach out to Tamika James or Montez Winters.  

Steps for Obtaining a CAC

In order for a CAC application to be processed, students must have their security clearances passed to NDU to ensure they meet HSPD 12 requirements. TAs will not process applications until they have received verification from the NDU Security Office that the applicant has met all security clearance requirements.

  1. Student submits CAC application to their college's TA, per the chart below;
  2. Student contacts college TA, per chart below, to securely transmit the PII (SSN, DOB) required for CAC application;
  3. TA provides student information to NDU Security Office;
  4. Security Office notifies TA when student's security clearance has been successfully passed to NDU;
  5. Student receives TASS approval from DEERS once the TA has approved the TASS application.
  6. Student contacts NDU Security Officer to make RAPIDS appointment;
  7. For appointment scheduling, please reach out to Mr. Carl Wright (202-685-3780) or NDU Security.
  8. Student keeps RAPIDS appointment at NDU Security Office in Marshall Hall, Building 62, Room 199A.

Your RAPIDS appointment will be in the NDU Security Office in Marshall Hall, Building 62, Room 199A. You must complete an Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Visitor Pass request online to enter campus. You must check in at the Lincoln Hall Guard Desk prior to proceeding to the NDU Security Office. See "Maps and Directions." Two forms of valid government identification are required. The CAC issuing process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending upon the reliability of the RAPIDS Station. We recommend that you call the NDU Security Office on the day of your appointment to verify the serviceability of the RAPIDS Station. Be sure to take possession of your new CAC before leaving your appointment.  






  Dave Pearson

  (202) 685-4344


  Donna Powers

  (202) 685-2070


  Anita Beard-Johnson

  (202) 685-6252


  Nadine Plater-Jones

  (202) 685-2290


Housing and Transportation Information for US Civilian Students at Fort McNair

The website offers a secure site for landlords and property managers wishing to list their properties for DoD service members and government civilians stationed near military installations. Search for "NAVY JB ANACOSTIA-BOLLING DC - NAVY YARD/PENTAGON/WASHINGTON" (more DC/Maryland listings) or "JOINT BASE MYER-HENDERSON HALL" (more DC/Virginia listings). Approximate times for traveling by car to/from Fort McNair appear below. During especially bad traffic, these times may double; during exceptionally bad weather, traffic may stop completely due to road conditions.

  • Downtown DC: 5 minutes
  • Georgetown/Dupont Circle, DC: 10 minutes
  • Pentagon City or Crystal City, VA: 15 minutes
  • Arlington, VA: 20 minutes
  • Alexandria, VA: 25 minutes
  • McLean, VA: 40 minutes+
  • Bethesda, Silver Spring or College Park, MD: 40 minutes+
  • Springfield, VA: 45 minutes+
  • Fairfax, VA: 50 minutes +
  • Lorton, VA: 55 minutes+
  • Woodbridge, VA: 55 minutes+

Medical Readiness for US Civilian Students at Fort McNair

Civilian students should email (ENCRYPTED ONLY), transmit via DOD SAFE, or hand-deliver a copy of their immunization records to Mr. Don Myers in NDU's Health/Fitness Office. See "Transmitting PII and Sensitive Data" for guidance.

Class Travel Preparation for US Civilian Federal Agency Students at Fort McNair

All DoD and non-DoD federal agency US civilian students must register for an NDU-sponsored Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC), and hold a passport with an expiration date AFTER 15 Jun 2024. These requirements must be addressed on campus. Private industry students must also hold a passport with an expiration date AFTER 15 Jun 2024; however, these students will not receive a GTCC. 

NDU Library at Fort McNair

While on the Fort McNair campus during pre-brief days, site visits or or in-processing day, civilian students should familiarize themselves with the resources available in the Library, and speak with Library staff about additional learning opportunities scheduled throughout the academic year.

AY24 North Campus Key Academic Dates

See NDU's AY23-24 North Campus Key Academic Dates Calendar for important deadlines, holidays and events. 

IT Tutorials and Instructions

All Devices

Windows/PC Devices

Apple macOS/iOS Devices

For questions about NDU’s technology and computing environment, please contact the ITD Service Desk at 202-685-3824.

Getting Around