Ambassador (ret.) Marie Yovanovitch is the author of the book Lessons from the Edge

Lessons from the Edge with AMB (ret.) Marie Yovanovitch

On May 7, 2022, the National Defense University and National Defense University Foundation convened a McNair Colloquium that featured a moderated discussion with Ambassador (ret.) Marie Yovanovitch, author of Lessons from the Edge. The McNair Colloquia presented an opportunity for NDU faculty and students, and national security scholars and practitioners to engage and enrich the research and learning environment across the university. While this event was not open to the public, it demonstrated the dynamic and world-class academic and education experiences provided to the students enrolled at NDU.

“We Choose to Go to the Moon”: An Analysis of a Cold War Means-Developing Strategy

“We Choose to Go to the Moon”: An Analysis of a Cold War Means-Developing Strategy

Strategists often ask “With the means available right now, what end can we achieve?” However, in strategy design it can be more appropriate to ask, “What is the desired end, and what means are available to achieve it?” The answer to this question may be, “If this is the desired end, first this new capability has to be created.” This case study examines how Kennedy determined he could achieve his ends (beat the Soviets in the world competition) in a particular way (shape the world conversation) using means yet to be created (the moon landing).

Joint Force Quarterly 104

Joint Force Quarterly 104 (1st Quarter, January 2022)

Without Colin Powell's simple tasking to develop and implement a journal, JFQ would not exist. His vision has been our team’s guiding force.

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, right, delivered the keynote address at Cyber Beacon 2021, hosted by CIC Chancellor Dr. Cassandra Lewis.

National Cyber Director Unveils New Approach at Cyber War College Conference

At NDU's College of Information and Cyberspace 2021 Cyber Beacon Conference, the nation's first National Cyber Director, Chris Inglis, said his new office will "bring coherence, connectivity [and] leverage" to the country's cyberspaces and that transgressors will have to "beat all of us to beat one of us."

Winning the Fight Taiwan Cannot Afford to Lose

Winning the Fight Taiwan Cannot Afford to Lose

Taiwan’s defense approach has long relied on purchases of U.S. equipment and attempts to emulate U.S. doctrine. The U.S. military, however, has focused on projecting power to fight smaller adversaries around the world, while Taiwan faces the prospect of defending its homeland from China’s increasingly capable People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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