Requirements for US Military Students in the JPME Masters Program at Fort McNair

All US military students attending the JPME Masters Program at the Fort McNair campus are expected to complete the on-line and on-campus admissions requirements listed below as soon as possible.

College Websites

In addition to the university-level requirements listed on this page, military students should review their college website for additional requirements and guidance to incoming students.

Military Service In-processing Requirements for US Students at Fort McNair

Due to continuing health conditions resulting from COVID, National Defense University In-processing and Orientation may be modified. Our number one priority is your and our workforce’s health and safety. As such, we planning and implementing an in-processing program that is virtual and remote to the maximum extent possible.

Please review our Military Student In-brief page for up-to-date and evolving information

*NOTE: Military service members returning from overseas assignments may be approved to report early. The Military Service Chairs will approve requests on a case-by-case basis. If approved, check-in with MILPER upon arrival. Thereafter, report to your college daily until the Mass In-Processing day. Otherwise, if you arrive to the local area before the report date, you will remain in a leave status.

Contact Info for Military Service Representatives (MilReps) at Fort McNair

Military students should contact their MilRep if they have any questions or concerns. DSN Prefix: 325





  MILPER Chief

  LTC Mark B. Howell

  Comm: (202) 685-3921


  MSG Ella S. Martin

  Comm: (202) 685-3576

  Air Force

  MSgt Tiarra Jackson

  Comm: (202) 685-2138 or

  Sea Services (USN, USMC, USCG)

  PS1 Cory Brown

  Comm: (202) 685-4006


  SSG Rainard Johnson

  Comm: (202) 685-2140


Cybersecurity Requirements for US Military Students at All NDU Colleges/Campuses


  1. Submit (via email) a valid annual Cyber Awareness course completion certificate ("CERT"). *NOTE: Cyber training must be renewed every 365 days and cannot lapse during your enrollment; expired Cyber training results in an immediate loss of access to NDU information systems. 
  2. Submit (via email) an NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875 ("2875") completed and signed by the student.
  3. Submit (via email) a signed NDU Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") form completed and signed by the student.

Please review the "Cybersecurity Compliance" page for details, forms and instructions. (See the dropdown menu under the "Incoming Students" tab in the top navigation bar.)

Academic IT Environment at Fort McNair

All McNair campus students should thoroughly read NDU's IT Requirements page. You will have the opportunity during Student Orientation Week to troubleshoot technical issues both face-to-face and online with NDU Help Desk personnel.

Passing US Military Security Clearances to NDU

All students must complete a Security Clearance Registration Course Application Form via the Joint Event Management System (JEMIS). All security clearance information must be submitted to the NDU Security Office at least 30 days prior to the first day of class. Security Specialist POCs are Montez Winters, (202) 685-2134, and Jimmy Sanford, (202) 685-2605.

  • Active Duty Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Military Students: Security clearances will be verified through the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) by the NDU Security Office; this verification process begins with the student's enrollment into JEMIS prior to sending visit request/certification to NDU Security. Minimum required clearance is SECRET, SCI is not a requirement to attend. The Security Management Office (SMO) code to pass SECRET, TOP SECRET, and SCI clearances through DISS to NDU is DJJNDU3. The name of the student's college (CIC, CISA, ES, NWC) must be entered into the POC section of the visit request for the clearance to be identified properly by NDU Security Specialists. This verification process will begin 6 July 2021.
  • DoD Military Reservists and National Guard Members: Security clearances must be passed to the NDU Security Office by the student's Reserve/Guard command or DoD agency via a DISS visit request/certification. The Security Management Office (SMO) code to pass SECRET, TOP SECRET, and SCI clearances through DISS to NDU is DJJNDU3. The name of the student's college (CIC, CISA, ES, NWC) must be entered into the POC section of the visit request for the clearance to be identified properly by NDU Security Specialists. This verification process will begin 6 July 2021.

Common Access Card (CAC) Reissuing to US Military Students at Fort McNair via RAPIDS

CAC processing is available to US military students who need a CAC reissued to them, PRIOR to the first day of school and once their security clearances have been passed to NDU. The NDU Security Office highly recommends that you complete the CAC reissuing process as soon as possible to ensure base access and a smooth in-processing. Obtain an appointment for CAC reissuing through the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler at the following site at

CACs cannot be reissued to any US military student whose security clearance has not been passed to the NDU Security Office (see above). Students who need a CAC reissued should confirm that their clearance information has been received by the NDU Security Office before making a RAPIDS appointment. Contact Security Specialist Montez Winters, (202) 685-2134, if you need assistance. *NOTE: RAPIDS does not accept same day appointments.

NATO Awareness Briefings for US Military Students

All US military students are required to complete a NATO Awareness Briefing Certificate. The NATO Awareness Briefing is not a NATO Read-On. US military students will complete and return Sections A and B of the NATO Awareness Briefing Certificate for NDU Students, according to the instructions listed at the bottom of the certificate. Students will turn in the completed certificate to the NDU Security Office during in-processing. Signing Section B of the Briefing Certificate indicates that the student has read and understands procedures for handling NATO Material. Each student will keep a copy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) handout. Questions concerning NATO Awareness requirements can be addressed to NDU Security Specialists at

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Base Guide

The 2021 JBMHH Base Guide is intended to introduce newcomers to the National Capital Region's joint military environment, and to familiarize them with JBMHH services and facilities.

Housing Information for US Military Students at Fort McNair

For family housing information within the Military District of Washington (MDW) area please contact the military installations below. There are also helpful resources on MWR's Moving & Housing Website at, and at HOMES.MIL (, a DOD resources designed to connect service members and their families with community housing rental listings located near U.S. military bases.




  Fort Myer, VA

  (703) 696-7007 / 3558 / 3559 or DSN (312) 426-7007 / 3558 / 3559

  Fort Belvoir, VA

  (703) 619-3877 or 1 (888) 740-9851

  Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, DC

 1 (888) 294-8338

  Joint Base Andrews, MD

  Community Housing: (866) 944-7504 or (301) 981-5518 or 

  DSN (312) 858-5518; Privatized Housing: (301) 736-8082

  NNMC Bethesda, MD

  (301) 295-6564 / 1138 / 0798 or DSN (312) 295-1138

Medical Readiness for US Military Students at Fort McNair

Prior to in-processing, military students must verify that their Medical Readiness is up-to-date, including their annual PHA (Periodic Health Assessment), annual Dental Exam, and biannual HIV. As a reminder, all military students must meet their services’ weight and/or fitness standards. For information concerning the Tricare North Region please call (800) 444-5445, or visit their website at

Class Travel Preparation for US Military Students at Fort McNair

All US military students must register for an NDU-sponsored Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC), and hold a US military personnel passport that has an expiration date AFTER June 15, 2021. These requirements must be addressed on campus. 

NDU Library at Fort McNair

While on the Fort McNair campus during Pre-briefings, military students should familiarize themselves with the resources available in the Library, and speak with Library staff about additional learning opportunities scheduled throughout the academic year.

AY21 Academic Calendar for Fort McNair

See NDU's AY 21-22 Incoming Student Calendar for important deadlines, holidays and events. (forthcoming)

IT Tutorials and Instructions

All Devices

Windows/PC Devices

Apple macOS/iOS Devices

For questions about NDU’s technology and computing environment, please contact the ITD Service Desk at 202-685-3824.

Getting Around