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July 27, 2016 - Iraq’s Minister of Defense, Dr. Khaled al-Obeidi, spoke to more than 150 Reserve Component leaders participating in the College of International Security Affairs (CISA) Reserve Component National Security Course (RCNSC) in late July. Focusing his remarks on the contemporary security challenges Iraq faces in the fight against the Islamic State, the Minister traced the creation of safe havens for terrorism to the governance vacuum after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
May 11, 2016 - Research shows that NATO and its partner states are slowly losing their edge in military technology. A recent NDU-hosted NATO roundtable brought together member NATO states and US experts to discuss causes, effects and potential solutions.
December 11, 2015 - British Chief of Defense Staff General Sir Nick Houghton discussed religious extremism, his government’s efforts to maintain international order and security, and the need to reorientate NATO towards combating the rising threat of hybrid warfare during a Distinguished Leader Program at NDU on December 1.
November 17, 2015 - On November 17, NDU’s INSS hosted a book launch event for their newest publication, "Lessons Encountered: Learning from the Long War" -- a holistic study of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that warns future national security professionals of the dangers of encountering, but failing to learn from, the lessons of the past.
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