Vision and Mission

MISSION: NDU develops joint warfighters and other national security leaders through rigorous academics, research and engagement to serve the common defense.

VISION: NDU will create strategic advantage by developing joint warfighters and other national security leaders and forging relationships through whole-of-nations and whole-of-government educational programs, research and engagement.

PURPOSE:  "Educating, Developing and Inspiring National Security Leaders"

  • Education is our business
  • National security is the focus of our business
  • Leaders are the essence of our business

GUIDING PRINCIPLES: The following principles shape the culture of NDU. 

  • Academic Excellence: NDU shall always foster and promote scholarly distinction in its work and its people.
  • Academic Freedom: NDU shall always foster and protect free expression and open intellectual exchange based on responsible professionalism.
  • Diversity: NDU shall always embrace a mixture of people, culture, and ideas.
  • Integrity: NDU shall always foster and promote a culture of trust, honesty, and ethical conduct.
  • Growth: NDU shall always foster and promote an environment that nurtures individual intellectual development and physical well-being and encourages life-long learning.
  • Collaboration: NDU shall always foster collaborative, transparent, and inclusive processes and decision-making activities consistent with legal lines of authority and accountability.

Annual Reports