Researchers: NATO Partners' Military Science/Technology Lead Narrowing

By | May 11, 2016

NATO STC Washington DC 2016 Visit Photo Gallery   (Related Link)
Washington, D.C. -- Research shows that NATO and its partner states are slowly losing their edge in military technology. At a recent roundtable hosted by NDU's Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP), the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Science and Technology Committee (STC), 13 member states, and U.S. experts discussed issues surrounding funding, collaboration, the convergence of civilian and military technologies, governance challenges, and workforce development as possible causes and potential solutions. 

During the roundtable, CTNSP Director Christopher Zember underscored the increasing shift of emergent technologies to the commercial sector -- rather than the government sector -- as a critical factor in the erosion of the technology edge. Zember also discussed the governance challenges around technology solutions developed outside of traditional industrial economies, by individuals and by small companies. 

While in Washington, the group also visited the US Naval Research Laboratory and the Navy’s Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

Learn more about the NATO STC's April 11-15 visit to Washington, DC in their April 22 press release.

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