NDU Network Access and Accounts Guide

ITD Service Desk: 202-685-3824


NDU provides a diverse set of IT platforms to deliver academic materials and access to specialty research materials. Access is mediated with the provision of a few accounts. Specifically, all students receive a Blackboard Learning Management System (Blackboard) account for traditional academic pursuits. Some programs provide a G Suite for Government (Google Cloud) account for communication, cloud storage, and sharing. NDU’s Information Technology Directorate (ITD) supports students, faculty, and staff in their use of these and other systems. 

IMPORTANT! In fulfillment of mandatory DoD IA regulations, all students are required to complete the NDU Service Account Access Request (SAAR) Form 2875 and the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Course v4 BEFORE any accounts can be created by NDU ITD in ANY academic system.

Account Creation Requirements

  • For students enrolled in 10-month programs at CIC, CISA, ES and NWC: Please complete the account requirements listed below IMMEDIATELY to avoid difficulties and additional responsibilities at in processing.
  • For students enrolled in the 10-month JAWS 17-18 program at JFSC: See http://jfsc.ndu.edu/Students/Incoming-Students/Computer-Capabilities/ for account requirements.
  • For students enrolled in JFSC and CIC variable length programs (shorter than 10 months): See your college website for instructions on completing your account requirements.
  • For international students: Your network account requirements will be completed upon your arrival.

Account Creation Steps

1.   Register for and/or log into Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) [LINK]

a.   If you do not already have a JKO account, please create one. See JKO Account Creation Process Instruction [LINK]

2.   Complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge V4.0

a.   This course is available from Joint Knowledge Online (JKO); find it in the course catalog as “US1364.” See JKO Course Enrollment Instruction [LINK]

b.   Download and save the course completion certificate to your computer. See JKO IA Certificate Download Instruction [LINK]


3.   Download and complete the NDU SAAR Form 2875 [LINK]

a.   See NDU 2875 SAAR Form Instruction [LINK]

b.   **You must fill in the field 'System Name' according to the NDU 2875 SAAR Form Instruction to complete

      this requirement.

c.   Save the completed, digitally signed NDU 2875 to your computer.


4.   Email your Cyber Awareness Challenge completion certificate and signed NDU 2875 as attachments to NDU

a.   Title your email using this exact format:

  • Example: AY18_NDU2875_ES_DOE _HENRY

b.   Send your email to the appropriate college email address:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Campus Environment

NDU utilizes a campus-wide Wi-Fi network to allow students internet access from their personal mobile computing devices while on campus. Mobile computing devices include laptops, Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), tablets, and Android devices. Supported systems include Windows 7, 8, and 10 and the current Mac IOS. Please ensure your devices are updated with the current drivers and operating system patches to make on-boarding easier. To facilitate mobile computing on campus, NDU-ITD provides the following:

  • Wi-Fi Network and account
  • Wireless printing
  • Support for connecting mobile devices to the wireless network/printer 

Students are Required to Have Personal Computing Devices

Because the internet is an integral part of the NDU student experience, students are required to have a personal computing device AND internet access outside of school. A personal computing device may be a personal computer, a laptop, an iPad, or a tablet with a functioning web browser and the ability to run web-based applications.


NDU IT Support

Your first line of support for IT issues at NDU is the ITD Service Desk. Students at all three campuses can call the NDU ITD Service Desk at 202-685-3824. Hours are Monday thru Friday, 0600-1800.

  • Fort McNair students can go to the Service Desk station in the Library in Marshall Hall from 0600–1800, Monday–Friday for in-person assistance
  • JFSC students can walk into Normandy Hall, Room A-326, from 0830–1030 and 1300–1400, Monday–Friday for in-person assistance. 

More Information

  • IT FAQs [LINK]
  • NDU In-coming Student Page [LINK]