Apple Support: Connecting to NDU's Wireless Network

The following article details the recommended steps to connect your Apple Device (macOS or iOS) to NDU's wireless network.


  • Apple device (Macintosh running macOS 10.13 Sierra or greater, and/or iOS device with version 10 or greater)
  • Valid username and password for accessing the network


Before you begin, NDU recommends that you install our DoD Root Certificate Configuration Profile. This profile will add the DoD Root Certificate Authorities and their respective Intermediate Certificate Authorities to your system. Please visit the NDU DoD Root Certificate Configuration Profile page for instructions on installing and removing the configuration profile.

Connecting from macOS

  • Tap on the AirPort icon in the upper right menu bar and select Academic Wireless
  • Enter your username and password given to for access to NDU's Academic Wireless Network (If you do not have an account please contact the NDU Help Desk for instructions on how to get an account)
  • Once connected, you should be redirected to the NDU Wireless Authentication portal page. If you are not connected, click on the link (*Note that this link will ONLY work while connected to NDU's network. If you are off this network you will be directed to the CloudFlare's DNS page)
  • Re-enter your wireless network credentials and click login
  • Accept the DoD consent to monitoring agreement

You are now connected to the NDU wireless network.