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Sponsor an International Fellow in AY 17-18!


Annually, more than 100 senior ranking military officers from 60+ different countries attend National Defense University as International Fellows, to obtain their Master’s degree. Throughout the academic year, the fellows learn about American government, institutions, political processes and economic systems. They also learn about American society, culture, neighborhoods, schools and families via the International Fellows’ Community Sponsorship Program. 

For more than 30 years the Sponsorship Program has been helping foreign military officers adjust to and enjoy their time in the United States. Volunteers who participate in the program play an invaluable role for the International Fellows -- sharing first hand knowledge of the customs, traditions and day-to-day activities of Americans. In return, sponsors and their families make new, potentially lifelong friends, and learn new things about the world in which we all live.

Sponsorship is designed to be easily integrated into the sponsor's normal routine, with minimal disruption. Sponsors are not expected to host or arrange special functions, or to provide financial support or housing; instead, they are encouraged to include Fellows in normal family activities, and provide cultural support and friendship. 

This is your opportunity to participate in a vital American foreign policy initiative!

To learn more about volunteering, read the Sponsor Guidelines and FAQs.  or additional information or to request an application, contact Katherine Martin at or 202-685-0594.