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Press Release | Sept. 28, 2012


Contact: Amy Gorman
Tel: 202-685-3916

(Washington, DC) The TIDES (Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency
Support) research project at the National Defense University invites the public to the 6th Annual
TIDES Fall Field Demo at Fort Lesley J. McNair from Tuesday, October 2nd to Friday, October
5th. This year's annual TIDES demo (2-5 Oct at Fort McNair and 15-17 Oct at Pentagon Center
Court) will involve significant changes from past events that may be of interest. There will be a
lunch-time speaker series with TIDES related topics. In addition, there will be themed 20 minute
Exhibitor Showcases throughout the week and working groups open to the public that will
address a variety of issues pertinent to finding sustainable solutions for development and
emergency support.

More than in previous demos we will focus on integrating concepts and saving costs to meet the
realities of constrained budgets and strategic rebalancing. One example is ‘Quick Wins at Low
Cost’--which looks at ways to field capabilities in months for thousands of dollars, vice decades
for billions. The approach (1) leverages ongoing activities in crowd-sourcing and open source
imagery, (2) improves our ability to handle the volume and velocity of information generated by
social media and the 24x7 news cycle, (3) promotes public-private cooperation (especially with
commercial logistics organizations), and (4) takes advantage of bottom-up approaches to
promote interoperability. The demo will feature four sections:

  • Building Integrated Partnership Capacity in austere environments. The focus will be on cross-cutting solutions that can be sustained by local populations and on information flows designed to reduce the likelihood of violent outbreaks in stressed situations. 
  • Foreign disaster preparedness and humanitarian assistance. A new initiative will be to develop integrated concepts for "survivable and sustainable" approaches that can be used with partner nations' governments and private sectors. It also will feature results from the quarterly field experiments at Camp Roberts, which recently have focused on improving the quality and reducing the time to provide open source imagery to front line units. 
  • Post-war stabilization and reconstruction. Many individuals and organizations with recent Afghan experience will be onsite to discuss approaches and share ideas in areas like support to Village Stability Operations (VSO), sustainable socio-economic development, green-white info sharing and "sensemaking" from large amounts of data.
  • Disaster response in the US and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA). This will involve DHS/FEMA/NORTHCOM links, ties to commercial supply chains, empoweringcitizens in austere environments, enhancing system resilience, etc.
You can register for the event online at:


9am: Demonstration Begins

Morning Infrastructure Exhibitor Showcase: WATER (all at exhibitor stations)
9:30-9:50am: Robert Atchley: Aspen Water
10-10:20am Randy Kerlee: Hydration Technology Innovations
10:30-10:50am: Tony Uhl: Enterprise Works of Relief International
11-11:20am Marus Jaunakais: Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (Water Quality Testing)
11:30am-11:50am Bill Utz: International Water Company

Lunchtime Speaker Series
12-1pm: Major Brandon Newell from the Expeditionary Energy Office: "Marine Corps
Expeditionary Energy: Mobile and Modular for Austere Locales
Major Brandon Newell is the Technology Lead the Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office.
He is responsible for researching current and future technologies which may reduce Marine
Corps fuel demand on the battlefield. He recently deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan
to serve as the Expeditionary Energy Liaison Officer to Regional Command Southwest. He
holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering (EE) from Naval Postgraduate School where he focused
his research on the impact of utilizing the HOMER Micropower Optimization tool for modeling
Marine Corps expeditionary energy. He also holds a B.S. in EE from Louisiana State
University. In the summer of 2009, he was the first active duty service member to hold an
internship position at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In September 2009, the
Commandant of the Marine Corps chose him as a member of the first and only Marine Energy
Assessment Team. The six-member team was deployed to Afghanistan to evaluate shortfalls in
expeditionary energy. His Military Occupation Specialty in the Marine Corps is
Communications Officer. He has served as a staff officer for an artillery and a signals
intelligence battalion, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times.

Afternoon Infrastructure Exhibitor Showcase: INTEGRATED COOKING (all at exhibitor
1-2pm Integrated Cooking Exhibitors will provide freshly cooked food for all
1:30-1:50pm Dave Chalker: Sun BD Corporation
2-2:20pm Patricia McArdle: Solar Cookers International
3-3:30pm Open Working Group: Integrated Cooking Issues
2:30-3:30pm Facilitated Working Group (John Crowley): Camp Roberts: Why and How to
Get Involved

3:30-4:30pm Facilitated Working Group: (Willow Brugh & Jen Gold) ICT, Open Source &
Unclassified Info Sharing

5pm: Demonstration closes for the day

9am: Demonstration Begins

Morning Infrastructure Exhibitor Showcase Theme: Power (all at exhibitor stations)

9:30-9:50am: Jayson Southworth: Solar Stik
10-10:20am: John Kohut: Planetary Power, Inc.
10:30-10:50am: Albert Nunez: Seamless Solar Solutions
11-11:20am Michelle Lacourciere: Community Based Energy Solutions by Sirona Cares
11:30-11:50am: Chad Vogel: 12 South LLC (Hybrid Power Systems)

Lunchtime Speaker Series
12-1pm: Scott Sklar, President of The Stella Group, Ltd. Scott Sklar founded The Stella
Group, Ltd. in 1995. The Stella Group, Ltd.. is a strategic technology optimization and policy
firm for clean distributed energy users and companies which include advanced batteries and
controls, energy efficiency, environmental mitigation, fuel cells, geoexchange, heat engines,
minigeneration (natural gas), microhydropower, modular biomass, photovoltaics, small wind,
and solar thermal (including daylighting, water heating, industrial preheat, building airconditioning,
and electric power generation). The Stella Group, Ltd. blends distributed energy
technologies, aggregates financing (including leasing), with a focus on system standardization.
Scott Sklar, has coauthored two books: A Consumer Guide to Solar Energy and The Forbidden
Fuel: Power Alcohol in the Twentieth Century
which was just re-released in its updated version
in early 2010 by U of NE press.

Scott Sklar lives in a solar home with direct exchange ground-coupled (geothermal) heat pump in
Arlington, Virginia and the separate office building of The Stella Group, Ltd. with solar
photovoltaic roofing shingles, advanced battery bank, a 0.5 kW wind turbine, and a 2 kW PEM
fuel cell for backup and peak power.

Scott Sklar is Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition and serves on
the Boards of Directors of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, and the Renewable
Energy Policy Project, and The Solar Foundation. From April 2007 to March 2010, he was
appointed onto National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy & Technology (NACEPT)
of US EPA. From November 2010 to July 2012, Secretary Locke approved Sklar’s term
appointment to the Department of Commerce Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Advisory Committee (RE&EEAC). Scott served for 9 years as an energy and military aide to
Senator Jacob K Javits (NY) and was cofounder of the Congressional Solar Coalition - the group
that drove the early 1970's legislation for renewables. Sklar is an Adjunct Professor at The
George Washington University teaching two unique multi-disciplinary energy courses and also
an Adjunct Professor at The American University co-teaching an international energy security
course, and an Affiliated Professor at the international sustainable university ‘CATIE ‘in Costa

Afternoon Infrastructure Exhibitor Showcase Theme: INFORMATION AND

(all at exhibitor stations)
1-1:20pm: Dean Hudson: GATR Technologies
1:30-1:50pm: Amber Ledgerwood: Inmarsat Government (Scalability of ICT communications)
2-2:20pm: Victoria Proffer: WECAT (Emergency Communications)
2:30-2:50pm: Joel Allen: Delta Bridge, Inc.
3-3:30pm: Joel Coulter: Mobile Sciences Consortium, LLC
3:30-4:30pm: Facilitated Working Group (Jayson Southworth): Compatibilities and Logistics
5pm: Demonstration closes for the day

9am: Demonstration Begins
Morning Infrastructure Exhibitor Showcase Theme: Shelter (all at exhibitor stations)
10-10:20am: Eric Lipson: NewHouse R & D- Shelter needs
10:30-10:50am: Wayne Chiles: Shelterbox
11-11:20am: Frederick Kringold: Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute
11:30-11:50am: Chip Calderhead: Energy Technologies, Inc. (Power and Shelter)

Lunchtime Speaker Series
12-1pm: Carmen Mauk, Executive Director, Burners Without Borders “Power With vs
Power Over: How designing strategies in collaboration with affected populations accelerates
capacity building in the system.”

Carmen Mauk is co-founder and Executive Director of Burners Without Borders, a grassroots
organization that creates participatory models for international disaster relief and supports
innovative strategies that build resilience in communities around the globe. Carmen has nearly
20 years experience designing programs at the grassroots level that bring about community
driven change. While working in France with the international human rights organization, ATD
Quart Monde, she witnessed first hand how everyday people can come together to overcome
societal limitations and systemic impasses to build stronger communities. Since that time,
Carmen has been employing participatory methodologies that harness the energies and gifts of
the community in order to foster collaborative solutions that make a lasting impact.
Carmen holds a Masters degree in Transformative Leadership from the California Institute for
Integral Studies. She currently serves on the boards of Pisco Sin Fronteras, Jakmel Ekspresyon,
and The Wild Nature Institute.

Afternoon Infrastructure Exhibitor Showcase Theme: Lighting and Soil Based Solutions
(all at exhibitor stations)
1:30-1:50pm: Dennis K. Stone: L&Q International, Inc. (Sustainable, Soil-Based
Infrastructure Solutions)
2-2:20pm: Chad Vogel: Nokero (Portable Solar Charged Lighting Systems)
3:30-4:30: Facilitated Working Group (Michelle Lacourciere): “From Stressed to Sustainable”
5pm: Demonstration closes for the day

9am: Demonstration Begins
9:30-10am: Open Working Group: Water Issues
10-10:30am: Open Working Group: Shelter Issues
10:30am-11am: Open Working Group: Emergency Communications
11-11:30am: Open Working Group: Integrated Cooking Issues
12pm: Demonstration Ends