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Registration Open: "Weapons of Mass Destruction: Weapons of Intimidation, Coercion, and War" Story

Maj Gen Padilla, Gen Dunford, VADM Roegge
National Defense University Welcomes 16th President Story

LTC Mike Shoen from the U.S. Army Reserves and FSO John Maher from the Department of State served as American Fellows during the first AY16-17 semester, and traveled with the IFs to Boston and Tennessee; LTC Michelle “MC” Carns and LTC Kevin Kirsch served during the second semester, and traveled to New Orleans and San Francisco.
American Fellows Pilot Program Seeks to Build on AY16-17 Success Story

The Symposiums' basic assumption is that -- while the nature of war remains constant -- the character of war is being changed by the accelerating pace of technological advances. 
Petraeus Speaks at INSS 'Changing Character of War' Symposium Story