Cybersecurity Compliance for International Students in All Colleges and Programs

NDU provides students with access to the Internet, wireless networks, curricula, and research tools, which are all via DoD-owned, -managed, and -compliant information systems. These IT tools will all be critical to your success at NDU.

Access is predicated on student compliance with DoD Information Assurance (IA) regulations and requirements. No student will receive access to any NDU system until they have accurately and fully completed these IA requirements. In order to satisfy IA regulations, you must submit three documents:

  • Cyber Awareness Challenge Course Completion Certificate
  • Completed, signed NDU System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form 2875
  • Signed NDU Acceptable Use Policy Form

Cyber Awareness Challenge Course

STEP 1: Access the Cyber Awareness Challenge Course here: Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022 – DoD Cyber Exchange.

STEP 2: Select “launch” to begin the course. We encourage you to set aside a full hour to complete the training. Please note that no registration is required at this time in order to complete the training. However, this means that you MUST ensure that you download your completion certificate immediately upon finishing the course, otherwise you risk having to take it again. NOTE: If you have any technical issues completing the course, use the Training Troubleshooting Guide – DoD Cyber Exchange.

STEP 3: Save your course completion certificate to your computing device and print a copy for your records. NOTE: Please use the following mandatory naming convention: ISMO_YourLastName_YourFirstName_CERT

NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875

STEP 1: Open the NDU SAAR Form 2875NOTE: The SAAR Form 2875 is a PDF form that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, print, complete and sign (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free). If you print the form and complete/sign it manually, you must have the ability to scan in the completed/signed form and save it once again as a PDF document.

STEP 2: Enter required data in all highlighted fields (1-7, 10-11). NOTE: In field 7, please provide a personal email address to which you will have continuous access (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo). 

STEP 3: In field 15, check the box certifying you have completed training, and enter the date printed on your Cyber Awareness Course Completion Certificate. NOTE: If you complete the form electronically, field 15 must be filled in BEFORE you digitally sign field 16.  

STEP 4: Manually or digitally sign field 16. See Guidance on how to digitally sign using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

STEP 5: Save the completed/signed 2875 as a PDF to your computing device and print a copy for your records. NOTE: Please use the following mandatory naming convention: ISMO_YourLastName_YourFirstName_2875

NDU Acceptable Use Policy Form

STEP 1: Open the NDU Acceptable Use Policy form and thoroughly review the content.

STEP 2: Type your name and date into the fields at the bottom of the form, and digitally sign the form.

STEP 3: Save your completed, signed AUP as a PDF document to your computing device using the file naming convention ISMO_lastname_firstname_AUP.

Submitting Your Cybersecurity Documentation to NDU

STEP 1: Open an email addressed to the ISMO Welcome inbox:

STEP 2: Attach your Cyber Awareness Challenge course completion certificate

STEP 3: Attach your SAAR Form 2875 

STEP 4: Attach your NDU Acceptable Use Policy Form

STEP 5: Send the email.

NDU ITD Service Desk

(202) 685-3824