Joint Force Quarterly 91

Joint Force Quarterly 91 (4th Quarter, October 2018)

What do you think about the joint force? Where do we need to adapt to meet the future as you see it? Where does leadership make a difference to you, and what does good leadership look like? When you think you have some answers, JFQ is here to help you reach out to the joint force and beyond.

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea attend a working lunch in Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea on October 7, 2018.

Aspiration vs. Reality: Where are We with the North Korea Denuclearization Process?

Despite President Trump's claim to have "largely solved" the North Korea problem, the President's ambition is now meeting reality as Secretary Pompeo and his North Korean counterparts attempt to fill in the blanks of what President Trump and Kim Jong Un thought they had agreed to at the Singapore Summit. At the same time, progress in President Moon's efforts to engage North Korea is fast outpacing progress in U.S.-North Korea negotiations on denuclearization. This trend is likely to continue and strain U.S.-ROK relations. The policy challenge facing the Trump administration is formidable and will test the President's diplomatic skills.

PRISM Volume 7, no. 4

PRISM Volume 7, no. 4 - Now Online!

The newest edition of PRISM is now online. With this edition, PRISM completes our seventh volume and prepares to move toward full peer review status next year. The edition is non-themed but offers several features that highlight the importance of innovation and non-kinetic warfare. Hard copies will be available early in the new year.

Tom Wingfield welcoming conference attendees. Photo courtesy of Katie Persons Lewis, NDU Audio Visual.

Government Information and Cyberspace Leaders Connect

This fall, the National Defense University (NDU) College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC) hosted

President and CEO of the National Defense University Foundation

Dr. William J. Parker III Named New President and CEO of the National Defense University Foundation

The National Defense University (NDU) Foundation Board of Directors has named Dr. William J. Parker III as the Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer, effective 10 October 2018.

Joint Force Quarterly 90

Joint Force Quarterly 90 (3rd Quarter, July 2018)

The newest issue of Joint Force Quarterly is now online. With this issue your JFQ team completes our 90th edition and prepares to celebrate the journal’s 25th anniversary this fall, all thanks to our readers, authors, and the veterans of NDU Press, who have kept this great idea of General Colin Powell moving forward in support of the joint force. Join us in supporting what the general called “the cool yet lively interplay among some of the finest minds committed to the profession of arms.”

From left to right: Ambassadors Dick Norland, Tom Krajeski and Joyce Barr at NDU’s Foreign Affairs Day on May 9. Photo Credit: Katie Lewis, NDU AV.

"The View from the Bridge: Sailing in Formation with the State Department"

NDU President VADM Fritz Roegge writes in the July/August issue of Foreign Service Journal that the "significant positive effects" of State Department diplomats serving directly alongside military officers, include "a shared sense of purpose ... to serve the nation, preserve our freedom and promote our values."

View from aft flight deck window of DOD picosatellite known as Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment, after release from shuttle payload bay by STS-116 crewmembers, December 2006 (NASA)

568 Balls in the Air: Planning for the Loss of Space Capabilities

This article explores the integration of space capabilities and explains the strategic, operational and tactical risks the U.S. military has assumed as a result. The authors recommend that joint warfighters of the future begin to prepare now, with continuity plans when space is denied, degraded or disrupted. Failure to consider such risk factors could lead to severe degradation of U.S. military capability with disastrous results. Measured in terms of lives lost, such a failure would be reminiscent of wars fought in the pre-digital age. However, losses on this scale are simply unacceptable, especially when this risk can be mitigated.

News from NDU

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