NDU Faculty & Staff Cybersecurity Compliance Requirements for Network Accounts


NDU provides its workforce with access to the Internet, wireless networks, learning management systems, and research tools via DoD owned, managed, or compliant Information Systems. Access is predicated on user compliance with DoD and NDU Cybersecurity regulations and requirements via the following:

  • Registration in Joint Knowledge Online (JKO), including correct association with your NDU Primary or Secondary Organization and Joint Staff Audience group;
  • A certificate of completion ("CyberCert") for the most recent DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge recorded and visible in JKO; 
  • An NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875 ("2875") completed and signed by the user and their supervisor.


JKO Registration and Profile Maintenance

All NDU personnel are required to register themselves in JKO and maintain up-to-date information in their JKO Profile for the entire term of their employment by, assignment to, detail to, or contract with NDU. JKO Profile fields include Name, EDIPI (CAC number), Account Type, Pay Grade, Branch of Service, Duty Station, Business Email, Primary and/or Secondary Organization, and Audience. On-boarding NDU personnel should complete their JKO Profile using the "JKO Profile Completion Matrix" (Table 1) and "JKO Profile Screenshot and Guidance" (Figure 1), below:


Table 1: JKO Profile Completion Matrix


Figure 1: JKO Profile Screenshot with Guidance Notes

For step-by-step guidance on completing your JKO Profile contact Michelle Germany at (202) 685-3962, or contact the JKO Help Desk at 757-203-5654.


Complete the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Course in JKO

Complete the 2019 course at https://jkodirect.jten.mil/html/COI.xhtml?course_prefix=DOD&course_number=-US1364-19. This is the only acceptable course. Download and save your Cyber Awareness course completion certificate for your records.


Complete NDU's System Authorization Access Request Form 2875

The NDU System Authorization Access Request Forms (SAAR 2875) below are pre-filled according to job type; new users need only to select the correct SAAR 2875 for their job type, and complete the highlighted fields. Your Hiring POC will complete the non-highlighted fields before submitting your Form 2875 to ITD.

Save the completed signed 2875 to your desktop using the following naming convention: YourLastName_YourFirstName_2875

Email the Required Documents to Your Hiring POC

Attach the completed, signed Form 2875 and your DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge certificate to an email, and send it to your Hiring POC. Faculty members will receive an email from NDU's O365 environment to activate their @MSC.NDU.EDU email address. Staff members will receive an email from their Hiring POC that provides their @NDU.EDU email address. You should expect to wait no more than five (5) business days before receiving your NDU account credentials.