Centers and Institutes

The Institute for National Strategic Studies

The Institute for National Strategic Studies serves as the principal focus for research at NDU and is composed of three centers.

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Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction

CSWMD is at the forefront of education and research on the impact of weapons of mass destruction on U.S. and global security.

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Center for Strategic Research

CSR provides advice to the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and combatant commands through studies, reports, briefings, and memorandums; conducts directed research and analysis in the areas of strategic and regional studies; and engages in independent and leading-edge research and analysis in related areas.

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Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs

CSCMA serves as a national focal point and resource center for multidisciplinary research and analytic exchanges on the national goals and strategic posture of the People’s Republic of China and the ability of that nation to develop, field, and deploy an effective military instrument in support of its national strategic objectives. 

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Center for Applied Strategic Learning

CASL develops experiential learning products and events for NDU in support of the JPME of the U.S. military, civilian leaders, and select others attending NDU.

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Center for Joint and Strategic Logistics

CJSL exists to shape the development of logisticians proficient in applying logistics support across the national security enterprise.

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Regional Centers

There are three regional centers affiliated with NDU.

Africa Center for Strategic Studies

ACSS supports United States foreign and security policies by strengthening the strategic capacity of African states to identify and resolve security challenges in ways that promote civil-military cooperation, respect for democratic values, and safeguard human rights.

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Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies

NESA works to enhance security in the Near East and South Asia by building sustained, mutually beneficial relationships; fostering regional cooperation on security issues; and promoting effective communications and strategic capacity through free and candid interaction in an academic environment.

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William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies

The Perry Center conducts educational activities for civilians and the military in the Western Hemisphere in order to build capacity, foster trust, mutual understanding, and regional cooperation.

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