Cybersecurity Compliance for 10-month JPME Masters Programs, CIC Distance Learning and CISA JSOMA

NDU provides students with access to the Internet, wireless networks, curricula, and research tools, which are all via DoD-owned, -managed, and -compliant information systems. These IT tools will all be critical to your success at NDU.

Access is predicated on student compliance with DoD cybersecurity regulations and requirements. No student will receive access to any NDU system until they have accurately and fully completed these cybersecurity requirements. In order to satisfy cybersecurity regulations, you must submit three documents NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR to your program/course start date:

  • Cyber Awareness Challenge Course Completion Certificate
  • Completed, signed NDU System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form 2875
  • NDU Acceptable Use Policy

These requirements apply to:

10-month JPME Masters Programs: 

  • College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC), Master of Science in Government Information Leadership
  • College of International Security Affairs (CISA), Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies
  • Eisenhower School (ES), Master of Science in National Resource Strategy
  • Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC), Master of Science in Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy (also known as JAWS)
  • National War College (NWC), Master of Science in National Security Strategy

CIC Distance Learning:

  • Master of Science in Government Information Leadership
  • Cyber Workforce certificate programs
  • Chief Information Officer – Leadership Development Program (14-week resident certificate)


  • Joint Special Operations Master of Arts

Cyber Awareness Challenge Course

*NOTE: Cyber training must be renewed every 365 days and cannot lapse during your enrollment; expired cybersecurity training results in an immediate loss of access to NDU information systems. 

STEP 1a: If you HAVE a current annual Cyber Awareness course completion certificate, check the date. If your current certificate is valid for at least 90 days after your program/course start date, email the certificate as a PDF attachment to

STEP 1b: If you DO NOT HAVE a current annual Cyber Awareness course completion certificate, or if your certificate expires less than 90 days after your program/course start date: Complete a DoD, JS or military service-approved annual Cyber Awareness course from one of the following locations:  

  1. Via JKO at *Requres registration
  2. Via DISA at
  3. Via Navy e-Learning at *Requires CAC and registration
  4. Via the Air Force myLearning system at: *Requires CAC and registration

STEP 2: IMPORTANT! Save your Cyber Awareness course completion certificate as a PDF document to your computing device using the file naming convention college_lastname_firstname_CERT as in the following examples:

  • CIC_Smith_John_CERT
  • CISA_Smith_John_CERT
  • ES_Smith_John_CERT
  • JFSC_Smith_John_CERT
  • NWC_Smith_John_CERT

NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875

STEP 1: Open the NDU System Authorization Access Request Form 2875, complete Section I, and digitally sign the form.

  1. Enter required data in highlighted fields 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 15 (date). *NOTE: Please provide an email address to which you will have continuous access (i.e., military or personal email such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  2. Enter today's date in box 17. *NOTE: Must be done BEFORE signing.
  3. Digitally sign box 16. *NOTE: Digital signature requires CAC or PIV.

STEP 2: Do NOT complete Section II.

STEP 3: Do NOT complete Section III if you are a U.S. Military JPME Masters Student. 

All other students MUST have their home unit/organization's Security Office complete Section III of the SAAR Form 2875. These students include: CIC Distance Learning, CISA JSOMA and U.S. Civilian JPME Masters Students. If you are attending JFSC in a program other than JAWS, see these instructions.

To complete the form if you are NOT a U.S. Military JPME Masters Student:

  1. Forward your digitally signed 2875 to your organization's Security Office.
  2. Your Security Office must complete fields 27-34, and a Security Officer must digitally sign the form. All boxes are required.
  3. Have your Security Office return the completed form to you.

STEP 4: IMPORTANT! Save your completed, signed 2875 as a PDF document to your computing device using the file naming convention college_lastname_firstname_2875 as in the following examples:

  • CIC_Smith_John_2875
  • CISA_Smith_John_2875
  • ES_Smith_John_2875
  • JFSC_Smith_John_2875
  • NWC_Smith_John_2875

NDU Acceptable Use Policy Form

STEP 1: Open the NDU Acceptable Use Policy form and thoroughly review the content.

STEP 2: Type your name and date into the fields at the bottom of the form, and digitally sign the form.

STEP 3: IMPORTANT! Save your completed, signed AUP as a PDF document to your computing device using the file naming convention college_lastname_firstname_AUP as in the following example:

  • CIC_Smith_John_AUP
  • CISA_Smith_John_AUP
  • ES_Smith_John_AUP
  • JFSC_Smith_John_AUP
  • NWC_Smith_John_AUP

Submitting Your Cybersecurity Documentation to NDU

STEP 1: Open an email addressed to the NDU Cybersecurity Compliance POC:

STEP 2: Attach your properly named Cyber Awareness Challenge course completion certificate

STEP 3: Attach your properly named SAAR Form 2875 

STEP 4: Attach your properly named NDU Acceptable Use Policy Form 

STEP 5: Send the email.

NDU ITD Service Desk

(202) 685-3824