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Press Release | Sept. 25, 2013

7 th Annual TIDES Technology Field Demonstration


Contact: Amy Gorman
TIDES Program Coordinator
National Defense University

(Washington DC) For the 7th year, the National Defense University (NDU) is showcasing a variety of 
innovative technologies for disaster assistance and development. From 1-4 October, more than 70 
nonprofit organizations, citizen associations, and specialized vendors, using no water, power, or shelter, 
will showcase their most inventive ideas and tools to help people in the aftermath of a natural disaster, 
conflict, or for those who live in extreme poverty. The demonstration will continue at the Pentagon in 
Center Court from 7-9 October where more than 20 civilian groups and businesses will be present. 
The exposition, held outdoors at Fort McNair in Southwest Washington, DC, is an offshoot of the TIDES 
(Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency Support) research project at the National 
Defense University. TIDES focuses on cross-cutting emerging technologies and sustainable solutions to 
support a variety of DOD missions. More than just static exhibits, different inventors and field operators 
will exchange insights and experiences, promoting public-private cooperation through speakers, 
workshops, and other interactions. You can register for the event online at: The event will take place regardless of weather conditions, and due 
to the support of volunteers, it will remain open in the event of a government shutdown. 
Speakers will discuss a number of cross-cutting issues, including logistics, soft power, info-sharing, and 
community-based solutions. Notable presenters include Hon. Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the 
Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment and Mr. Sheldon Himelfarb, Director, Center of 
Innovation: Science, Technology and Peacebuilding at United State Institute of Peace. 
Throughout the demonstration there will be discussion groups open to the public that will address 
pertinent issues centered around this year’s theme: “Innovate | Improve | Imagine: Operational Support 
for Stressed Environments.” Some specific topics will be building integrated partnership capacity in 
austere environments, foreign disaster preparedness and humanitarian assistance, post-war stabilization 
and reconstruction, and disaster response in the US and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA). 
TIDES-a DoD research project at the National Defense University, seeks to incorporate a wide range of 
public-private solutions to support populations under stress; post-conflict, post-disaster and impoverished. 
TIDES provides a collaborative space for relationship building and engagement among various DoD 
components, US civilian government agencies, and a wide array of NGOs, private and for-profit entities, 
as well as empowered individuals seeking to develop technical and policy solutions in humanitarian 
assistance, disaster relief and emergency response situations. TIDES promotes and supports such work 
through its base at NDU and cooperation with DoD and non-military partners in the United States and 
around the world. To learn more about TIDES or questions about this event, contact Amy Gorman, 
TIDES Research and Program Assistant, at 202-685-3916 or 
NDU is the premier national security institution focused on advanced joint warfighter education, leader 
development, and scholarship. The University provides rigorous Joint Professional Military Education to 
members of the U.S. Armed Forces and select others in order to develop leaders who have the ability to 
operate and creatively think in an unpredictable and complex world. For more information about the 
National Defense University, please contact: Daniel Magalotti, Acting Public Affairs Officer, at 202-685-
3140 or; or visit