Online Access for NDU Faculty, Staff and Students

  • Library access while ON CAMPUS is via the wired or wireless NDU networks (accounts required)
  • Library access while OFF CAMPUS is via Blackboard (account required)

Visitor Access to the Libraries

The NDU Community includes the current students, faculty, and staff of the University. Other types of visitors have access to the Libraries as described below:

Government contractors: 

  • NDU Contractors may have access to digital content through the Libraries’ Web site and/or Blackboard. To check-out Library materials, NDU contractors need an NDU government sponsor. 

  • Non-NDU Contractors do not have access to the NDU Libraries. 

Outside visitors: 

  • Government civilian employees, U.S. active duty military members, U.S. military retirees, and scholars may request visitor access to the NDU Libraries based on a need for unique information. 

Foreign visitors: 

  • Foreign visitors must contact the military attaché at their Embassy to request access through the DIA Foreign Liaison Office. All foreign visitor requests will be routed through the NDU Security Office before coming to the Library Dean. 

As a visitor to the NDU Libraries, you have limited access to Library resources. Limited access is defined as onsite usage of print collections and NDU unique digital collections. 

Visit Requests

The NDU Library Dean approves visits. Submit an NDU Library Visit Request Form with the date, time, and purpose of your visit. Visits are only approved for a specific date, time, and purpose. Open, unlimited access will not be approved. University activities and prior commitments also impact the approval of visits.  

Base Access

You must abide by University security regulations which govern access to University buildings. Non-DoD visitors will be asked to sign-in at the Security Desk. All visitors must leave the Libraries before 1630 when the building closes.    

Also see the NDU Map, Access and Directions page.


NDU Library staff will guide you to the collections that you will need for your research, and you may have limited photocopying of library materials. Services do not include use of wireless network, loan of materials, cost-incurring research services, document delivery, FAX, interlibrary loan, or other privileges and services granted to primary mission users. NDU personnel have first priority at all times.